We may gain intelligence through evolutionary changes or better teaching techniques as discussed in Method 1 and 2.  

We may gain intelligence by altering our genome or through AI Angels as discussed in Method 3 and 4. 

No option will enhance our intelligence more than Method 5: The Computer Brain.

Our lives have radically changed since the inception of the public internet.  Information is at our constant disposal.  We can calculate nearly anything.  We can quickly gather information on anyone or any subject.  The Internet will pale in comparison to the global brain network…  

The computer brain is the preferred vision of those who are part of the Transhumanist movement and those who subscribe to the coming Technological Singularity.  They predict an exponential explosion in intelligence once the mind of Mankind is tethered to computational devices.  Our lives will become unimaginable once we can access information located out in the Ether, connected to our brains via wireless communication.  New knowledge and skills could be constantly uploaded into your brain.    


The economic and societal impact of humans instantly connected to information via their brains would be vast.  Humans would quickly upload the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill any job.  Janitors would become doctors, which would then drastically lower the earning potential of doctors.  The short supply of Janitors would significantly raise the price of janitors.  Thus, one day, Doctors and Janitors would earn nearly identical incomes.  In-fact, we would all earn nearly the same income.  Perhaps in such a world, we would simply work for the pleasure of experiencing a random job, walking in a fellow human’s shoes.  


The “Computer Brain” and equality of information may perhaps lead to an equality of outcome – Neo-Communism, brought upon by the laws of supply and demand, not State sponsored violence and dogma.  

The aforementioned vision of the world is an egalitarian one.  Humans would finally be “equal”.  We would genetically engineer ourselves to have the best physical attributes of the larger group, more or less.  Thus, we would appear more identical, not less identical.  In many ways, technology would take us back to a time wherein large groups resembled one another and were paid equally.  Thus, humans would become homogenous in both body and mind – a truly universal people, possessing a hive mind.