CRYPTO supremacy.


Welcome Yee who is tired of debates between Left and Right or Black and White or Rich and Poor.  Welcome Yee who is tired of the Old and in search of something New, or tired of the New and in search of something Old.  Welcome to a blog that discusses Man and His total technological transformation and liberation, a blog that discusses God Kings and Ubermensch, a blog which is part science fiction and part science fact, a blog that is wholly political and altogether post political, a blog that believes in technological determinism; and therefore, the inevitable…

We will examine and discuss a variety of subjects, from the History of Technology to Futurism, Philosophy and Religiosity, G.N.R. to the Technological Singularity (Transhumanism), Information Technologies, Crypto-Anarchy, Capitalistic Accelerationism – just to name a few.

We hope to present ideas that are altogether ours and original, or, at the very least, built upon the ideas of others.  We hope to do the impossible: predict our near future.  We may come to understand many things within these writings – or perhaps, we may come to understand nothing.

We hope that upon the conclusion of our works that all may see the ways of Technology and Liberty.

So welcome Yee who searches for something Good and Bold and True..


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The Techno Libertarian hopes to be a place for those who wish to ponder a world wherein Man attains an abundance of Technology and Liberty, for those who wish to ponder a peer-to-peer world devoid of conventional Authority – Oligarch or Patriarchs or Matriarchs, etc etc – for those who wish to ponder a decentralized world managed by the Laws of Information and the Machines.

Our goal is to build a community of people who recognize that technology will bring about the complete transformation and / or liberation of Man & Society.  Our goal is for such a community to prepare for the remarkable decades ahead. What one gains from such preparation – whether it be Wisdom or Prosperity or Other – is entirely up to the Individual.  Indeed, one is free to reject the ideas of Technology and Liberation altogether if such arguments are poor or unconvincing.

We hope to do Right (and Righteous) by the Techno Libertarian creed.
We hope to do Right (and Righteous) to the Techno Libertarian creed.


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