We are on the verge of massive societal change brought upon by technologies so unique in their nature they will seem almost unbelievable.  Life on our planet will soon be far different than it is today.  Our progeny will look upon us in the same manner in which we look upon the caveman.  We are entering a new age:  The Age of Decentralization.  The Age will be defined by the Empowered Individual, a world in which Man lives in economic abundance and answers to no one, neither a central authority nor his fellow man, a world in which Man may perhaps begin to consider himself a God King. 

Those who are interested in the Technological Singularity, Accelerationism, Technological Libertarianism and Crypto Anarchy should become well versed in the Age of Decentralization – as should those who are merely interested in Futurism and Philosophy.  


Decentralized Man will not be like his predecessors.  Decentralized Man will be self reliant, connected to the world at large while remaining an individual. 

Centralized Technologies stemming from the Industrial Revolution (Paradigm 5) led to a type of Man that constantly needed to ask for permission in order to travel, learn, build and trade.  The 19th Century Man was reliant on a system controlled by other men for his sustenance, survival and wellbeing.  He required another man’s education system, his communication system, his currency, his advertising network, his roads, etc etc.  He had to play by another mans rules in order to gain financial freedom or rise within the hierarchy.  The Decentralized Man of Paradigm 6 will be his polar opposite.  The new man will rely not on others for his survival.  He will have abundant energy and information – the prime movers of life – at his disposal.  He may also perhaps have abundant materials from which to build.  A man and his drone will be capable of going anywhere devoid of roadblocks.  Crypto-currencies will allow him to trade freely with anyone across the globe.  He will become independently wealthy beyond his wildest dreams without ever leaving the comfort of his home.  And the world of Artificial Intelligence created by the decentralized internet will give Man access to a powerful, super intelligent ally and friend, a protector in an adversarial world, who will further aid in his decision making.  Man will be able to feed, educate and defend himself via our new and remarkable technologies.  And he will be able to do so in a manner that is on par with the remainder of society, armed with the most technologically advanced tools of his time, previously possessed only by governments and large institutions.

Unlike his predecessor, Decentralized Man will not have to sacrifice modernity to go “off grid” in order to remain free of the system (or collective).  Decentralized Man will have the best of both worlds, able to partake in the system – or collective – without being a slave to the system – or collective, since the system (or collective) will belong to no man or group.  Thus, he is to be a man feared and fearful – for he will not have the societal restraints of his fathers and may perhaps become corrupted by power…