What would become of Man if we were all able to access the same information or share the same brain or download any piece of information into our minds?

The “Computer Brain” and equality of information may perhaps lead to an equality of outcome.  This “Neo-Communism” would not be brought upon by State sponsored violence and dogma.  Instead, it would be brought upon by the laws of supply and demand, by centuries of free market competition leading to inventions that enhanced humanity  

The aforementioned vision of the world is an egalitarian one.  Humans would finally be “equal”.  We would genetically engineer ourselves to have the best physical attributes of the larger group, more or less.  Thus, we would appear more identical, not less identical.  In many ways, technology would take us back to a time wherein large groups resembled one another and were paid equally.  Thus, humans would become homogenous in both body and mind – a truly universal people, possessing a hive mind.