Why is it that human heads are the size that they are?  The answer given to us is as follows:  Had the human cranium grown any larger it would have been impossible for women to give birth.  Nature had encountered a “bandwidth” issue that it could not out engineer.  Cranial size did not necessarily prevent us from gaining intelligence.  The ever-enlarging neocortex began to bend inside the human head to increase brain power.  Ultimately, the neocortex became confined by cranial walls.    

Modern medicine may have resolved the bandwidth issue in the form of Cesarean Sections, colloquially referred to as C-sections.  32 percent of women now have the procedure, a 5X increase in one generation¹.  

Perhaps one day, women will no longer give birth naturally.  Therefore, in theory, human heads are now free to grow larger and larger and larger.


The evidence linking brain size and intelligence is not 100% conclusive.  We are not 100% sure if intelligence is related to “hardware” or “software”.  Therefore, we do not know if simply having a bigger brain makes one smarter.  Human intelligence could very well be associated with the way in which Neurons are connected and organized, not simply by the sheer amount of neurons in your possession.  Thus, even if our heads become twice as large it would not necessarily mean that we become twice as smart.  Size may simply mean a difference in degree, not a difference in kind.

Large heads on smaller bodies play well into Alien conspiracies.  Perhaps this is why individuals claiming to have seen aliens always have visions of creatures with larger heads.  Perhaps advanced species around the universe have already employed the C-section method to resolve their brain birth bandwidth issue; thereby creating more intelligent beings.  


Evolving our way to increased intelligence is the least best of our five options.  Slowly but surely humans would gain intelligence as large headed humans mated.  However, it would take millennia upon millennia for humans to amplify our intelligence via genetic mutation.  

We, the impatient humanity, require a faster method of gaining intelligence.