A global, teaching renaissance is upon us.

We have not had an advancement in education since the Prussian teaching method took over the world nearly two centuries afore.  Now, a new education model is set to rule the world by the 2030’s.  Software, coupled with Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytic systems, will do wonders for the field of education.

They say there are no bad students, only bad teachers.  One has to wonder what becomes of a world in which we all possessed the perfect educator, one built solely for each and every one of us.  

Imagine a world in which every student has a personalized education.  Advanced software systems would gather the interests of a student.  Thereupon, all information presented would conform to the likes and dislikes of each student, presenting him with information in such a way that he could not turn away; thereby, hijacking his mind for the better.  

As an example: If you enjoy sports then instructions would be in sporting analogies.  If you enjoy superheroes then examples would be laden with superheroes.  Your AI teacher could even take on the form of your favorite human or fictitious character.  Anything it could do in order to make a deeper connection with you it would do…

Having software or AI teach anyone anything will be a massive leap forward for Mankind.  The teacher of the 2030’s will be a super powerful AI engine capable of training you in any field.  Your virtual “Aristotle” will cater to your individual needs.  The class will move at your pace.  The computationally based classroom of tomorrow will be a Godsend.  So efficient will education become that school days will be cut in half, if not more.  We may even get rid of school altogether since anyone can learn anything from anywhere.  Free, personalized education that can effectively communicate with your brain is on the horizon.  

Other advanced teaching methods include turning education into games or crowdsourcing education or using AR / MR / VR as powerful teaching tools.

Our new AI and software based education will help every human across the globe maximize their Intelligence Quotient, their IQ.  No longer will anyone be in the dark.  All minds will come alive.  A global, teaching renaissance is indeed upon us.  

Enhanced education will not resolve the issue that some humans simply possess more neuronal  horsepower than others.  The issue of IQ can and will be remedied by gene enhancement.