There is a means by which we can all gain intelligence without changing our brains: Tools.  

Today, our intelligence enhancement tool of choice has become the Internet.  Who amongst us does not consider themselves “more intelligent” for having the ability to answer any query at our fingertips.  

This is only the beginning.  

It is said that Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but it was Samuel Colt and his colt peacemaker that made men equal.  Tools have always brought upon equality.  Technology is the great equalizer, not Government policy, progressive taxation or demagoguery.  

Our ultimate tool may become Artificial Intelligence – or “AI Angels” that guide us on our journey through life.

If the saying “You are the company you keep” holds any validity then what becomes of a man who surrounds himself with Artificial Intelligence?  What if we lived in a world in which we all possessed the most intelligent of friends?  (show gif / video of holographic AI Agent)  Would this not make us more intelligent?  AI Angels would become Man’s new best friend.  Always around.  Always guiding us.  Always protecting us.     

Our future world may consist of the following scenario:  Technology, such as smart glasses, will allow us to record our surroundings, sending data to massive AI engines.  Thereupon, AI software systems could assist you by performing risk assessment on your behalf, telling you which paths you should choose, preventing you from encountering danger.  The AI Angels would know who around you was a threat.  They would know who was a felon, who was wealthy, which members of society were naughty or nice.  AI Angels could help the blind walk and read on behalf of those who were illiterate.  They would tell you what to say to anyone.  They would remember everything on your behalf, seeing patterns from past experiences that you had forgotten.  They could prevent you from engaging in sin and nudge you towards virtue.  

Anything your brain could do, it could potentially do better surrounded by AI Angels, the ultimate tool…