We are on the verge of massive societal change brought upon by technologies so unique in their nature they will seem almost unbelievable.  Life on our planet will soon be far different than it is today.  Our progeny will look upon us in the same manner in which we look upon the caveman.  We are entering a new age:  The Age of Decentralization.  The Age will be defined by the Empowered Individual, a world in which Man lives in economic abundance and answers to no one, neither a central authority nor his fellow man, a world in which Man may perhaps begin to consider himself a God King. 

Those who are interested in the Technological Singularity, Accelerationism, Technological Libertarianism and Crypto Anarchy should become well versed in the Age of Decentralization – as should those who are merely interested in Futurism and Philosophy. 


We need to transform the General Purpose Technologies (GPT’s) of yesterday in order to reach a “New Age” or “New Paradigm”.  And indeed, we are in the midst of doing so. 

  • Energy is going from Oil to Solar
  • Transportation is going from Cars to autonomous transportation
  • Communication is going from Telephones to the Internet 
  • Money is being converted from FIAT currency to crypto-currency.  
  • Information Storage, in the form of books and libraries, will become digital assets. 
  • Materials such as iron and plastic will give way to a new groups of mono-layered materials such as graphene.   

A new world – a new Paradigm – is being born right before our very eyes.  The new world will be remarkable, a world in which Man has material abundance and is freer than ever before.  


The world of masters and overlords is dying.  A new age of liberty is forming.  This new age will be unlike any other.  A peer to peer world will emerge.  You will have the right of Individual Sovereignty.  You will be your own ruler.  Each technology from Paradigm 6 will add to your liberty and individual independence.  The stage will be set for your unmitigated power and material abundance.  What will you do with it?

The new, decentralized world will be a liberated world, one in which every Man is capable of pursuing his own self interests.  You will be empowered with infinite energy, information and transportation.  You will be able to 3D print whatever you choose, a house, weaponry or even your own food.  You will not work for anyone, only yourself.  You may not work at all, allowing your Robo-slaves to labor in your stead. 

Man’s journey in this universe has never been a material one, rather a psychological and spiritual one.  Material abundance and unmitigated independence will surely not be utopia, but rather a soulless journey through materialism.  And yet, it is awe inspiring to know that there is a strange new world out there that we are on the cusp of fully embracing – so sayeth Accelerationism.  It is amazing to know that we will see a new Paradigm rise right before our very eyes prior to mid century.  It is amazing to know that we have already crossed the event horizon, drawing us ever closer to this brave new world of Paradigm 6 and Decentralized Man.  


Technology is the bedrock upon which civilization is built.  The new GPT’s of society will power a revolution in liberty.  Life on planet Earth will be quite different as we head towards the Technological Singularity.  Everything is about to change.  

The Age of Decentralization may also be regarded as the Age of Technological Libertarianism.  We are of the belief system that Mankind is on the verge of technological anarchy, also referred to as crypto-anarchy.  Databases and machines will replace the Governments and Institutions that we have grown accustomed to.  The technological advancements of Mankind will lead to more liberty (Individualism).  Liberty begets technology which begets liberty which begets technology.  The process will continue ad infinitum, attempting to decentralize every aspect of our existence, attempting to free man from every entity, his country, his peers, his religion and even himself through transhumanism and mind uploads.


The General Purpose Technologies stemming from the Industrial Revolution (Paradigm 5) could be easily monopolized; and indeed, they were – whether by way of an oil baron, a telecom giant, a Central Banker, big auto or big steal.  Control over GPT’s meant control over the common man.  

We cannot so clearly see who will be the owners of industry in Paradigm 6, especially in an uber competitive global market where products and ideas come from everywhere.  Indeed, no one man can own the Sun, or all the cars, or the internet or control a cryptocurrency.  

Soon, the common man may perhaps become the prime owner of each powerful General Purpose Technology – whether that be Energy, Transportation, Communication, Money, Information Storage or Materials.

Each Paradigm 5 technology gained efficiency when centralized; thus, bigger was better.  You made more money by controlling more Oil, Cars, Communication, Money, Information & Materials.  

The exact opposite holds true for Paradigm 6.  The technologies do not offer the same economies of scale, rather they are governed by diseconomies of scale; thus, small will beat large – a small car company, a small power producer, etc etc.  Thus, the common man may perhaps earn vast sums of revenue from leasing out autonomous transportation, or Solar Energy, or the internet, or cryptocurrency, etc.  


Do you love liberty, individualism and personal empowerment?  If yes, then you will want to see nothing more than a decentralized world.  Thus, the following should bring you a sense of joy:  Central powers, like Governments and large corporations, will not control the future.  They will not be able to control the prime technologies that power the future.  The building blocks upon which society will stand will be powered by individual nodes bereft of gatekeepers.  Humanity will again resemble nature, as in it will be mostly peer-to-peer and devoid of unnecessary middlemen or a vast parasite class. 

Let us briefly touch upon each sector, comparing decentralized GPT’s of Paradigm 6 with their centralized counterparts from Paradigm 5.  (Show P5 V P6)

Communication:  Information dissemination is central to Man’s existence.  Our prior communication method, Mass Media, was completely controlled, which led to the Age of Propaganda and group think.  The internet allows mankind to freely communicate across the globe at light speed without any gatekeeper changing or altering information so as to program your mind.  

We present a more thorough examination of communication and its effects on society in our work: The Story of Your Enslavement and Emancipation.  

Transportation: He who owns the roads owns you.  Soon, we will not rely on roads.  Decentralized autonomous drones will take Man anywhere and everywhere, allowing him to reach new heights with a new state of mind that is congruent with one who has few limitations. 

We present a more thorough examination of the transportation sector in various works:  

  • A Man and His Drone, 
  • AGE OF AI: Who will Own All the Cars?
  • Future Technology: The Autonomous Transportation Network

Energy: We will reach a world in which we have abundant energy at our fingertips.  No one Man controls the Sun.  The democratization of energy will do wonders for humanity whereas centralized fossil fuels have left Mankind in endless wars, wars meant to control a scarce resource inextricably tied to a debt based currency, namely the Petrodollar.  

Money:  Centralized, FIAT Currencies devoid of competition have long been the bane of Man’s existence, an abomination, stunting his development.  Decentralized Cryptocurrencies or decentralized energy money will allow Man to flourish, freeing commerce and trade in ways unimaginable.

Information:  Man will store information everywhere in the Age of Decentralization – underground, underwater, on mountain tops, on winged creatures and on beasts.  No longer will you have to rely on controlled libraries and schools or an information network owned by media moguls who answer to authorities unknown.  Distributed databases strewn across the globe will give every human access to the most powerful of all commodities: Knowledge.  

When information is free, you are free.

When information has Masters, you become a Slave.

Materials:  Synthetic materials belonging to modernity are quite difficult to decentralize.  In Paradigm 5, scarcity forced commodity materials to centralize and monopolize due to price wars and economies of scale.   

Can Man return to his roots of self reliance by owning all the materials he may ever need or want, as he once did during the Stone Age or his time as a hunter and gatherer?  Will future man be able to build primarily using materials from his own property; thus, allowing him to fully decentralize?  

Perhaps 3D printers can soon create a good majority of Man’s analog wants from everyday organic compounds growing on his property.  

Perhaps one day every man will own a spacecraft that he uses to mine asteroids; thus, giving him ownership of material abundance.  Better still, Man may turn to organic chemistry or synthetic biology to bring about the equal disbursement of building materials amongst men.  We have only begun to crack the genetic code so as to begin our dominance and manipulation of the global genome.  Imagine if you will a time wherein every man possessed a biolab or biofoundry that converted everyday organic compounds into the most complex of building materials.  Such dreams are surely the promise of gene manipulation and bioengineering.   


The Decentralized Society of Tomorrow has yet to be built.  Who will be the first nation to decentralize?  Which civilization will be the first to adapt to our new Paradigm and build a nation founded on the principles of decentralization?  Thereby, gaining a first mover advantage and trumping its contemporaries and rivals as England once did when she was the first to implement the technologies of Paradigm 4.  More recently, it was the United States who was the first to implement the technologies of Paradigm 5; whereupon, she established global dominance.  

Perhaps the next great civilization, the one that dominates Paradigm 6, will be comprised of global, Digital Nomads whose political system is built atop the internet – A Federated Collective of Sovereign Individuals.  Perhaps these Ubermensch who can earn wealth from anywhere and everywhere will be the most adaptable to the decentralized technologies of Paradigm 6.  Thusly, they will be the most capable of building the world of tomorrow.    

Conversely, which countries will attempt to suppress the technologies of Paradigm 6, unable to learn from lessons past which clearly show that fighting the future and change leaves a nation in shambles, making it not only economically weak but ripe for conquest by advanced nations who had the foresight to ride the wave of technological change instead of resisting modernity.    


GPTS’ and Paradigms have an asymmetric influence on civilization.  Economically speaking, they matter the most.  Therefore, decisions involving GPT’s will be multiplied in the years forthcoming, consequences to actions or inactions will be magnified.  

As we evolve to a new paradigm, Nations considered 1st world today will lose their standing on the global totem pole if they do not quickly adapt to the new technological benchmarks.  The difference between a Paradigm 5 society and a Paradigm 6 society will be that of today’s 1st world and 3rd world.  

There may be a discrepancy to Paradigm 6, one that we must address and underscore.  

First Man lived in a world in which humans were all but equal, a world in which Nations were all but equal.  Then, the laws of nature led to an asymmetric or unequal distribution of information.  Subsequently, some Men and Nations knew what others knew not; thus, they did possess technology and expertise better than that of their neighbors.  In a world governed by the Axiom “do unto others before they do unto you” said advantages were used to enslave (subjugate) their fellow man, in many cases.  Paradigm 6 may have no technological leader or leaders, no Nation to rule them all.  All Nation may perhaps revert to the mean due to the nature of information proliferation on the internet.  Paradigm 6 may return humanity to the world of First Man, wherein mankind is all but equal, a world in which all Men know that which their fellow man does know.  

For the first time since perhaps Paradigm 1, all Men and Nations have a chance to belong to a Paradigm simultaneously.  


Paradigm 5 had centralized technologies.  Thus, it was always destined to hand power over to only a few.  The technologies aided and abetted the gatekeepers of civilization in building a centralized system that benefited the few and not the many.  The technologies allowed Men to further create mechanisms by which to control Men.  Slowly but surely the Ruling Elite built a mechanistic, cradle to grave society geared to maximize the following: chiefly, money printing, your economic productivity and your compliance. 

Our new decentralized technologies will not be ally to the elites.  Rather, they will be foe to the old guard.  It will be far more difficult to control humans in Paradigm 6.  Decentralized technologies will allow the masses to roam free, armed with new choices and new possibilities, adding more variability to the system – perhaps what some may even consider to be chaos.