Technology: Paradigm 5 Versus Paradigm 6

Paradigm 5 had centralized technologies.  Thus, it was always destined to hand power over to only a few.  The General Purpose Technologies of Paradigm 5 aided and abetted the gatekeepers of civilization in building a centralized system that benefited the few and not the many.  The technologies allowed Men to further create mechanisms by which to control Men.  Slowly but surely, the Ruling Elite built a mechanistic, cradle to grave society geared to maximize the following: chiefly, money printing, your economic productivity and your compliance. 


Our new, decentralized technologies will not be ally to the elites.  Rather, they will be foe to the old guard.  It will be far more difficult to control humans in Paradigm 6.  Decentralized General Purpose Technologies, such as the Internet, Cryptocurrency, Energy, etc will free the masses, arming them with new choices and new possibilities, adding more variability to the system, making it less easily controllable  – perhaps bring about what some may even consider to be chaos.